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Newsletter - Spring 2008

Hi Everybody�

I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am that winter is almost over. I can�t wait to see all the flowers bloom in my backyard at Katie�s House. Even though it was cold and icy, it was a wonderful winter because I made a new friend� Mary Kate. You�ll hear all about her in this newsletter, but I wanted to be the first to really introduce her to all my old friends. Mary Kate moved into Katie�s House in December and it�s really been great having her just down the hall. Thanks to all of you whose generosity has made this possible for both of us.


Meet Mary Kate

In our Christmas Newsletter we announced that Katie�s House expected a new resident to join us� well, she has� so please meet our Mary Katherine (or, as Katie refers to her�. Mary Kate).

Sheryl and Charles adopted Mary Katherine when she was 3 months old. A month later the couple noticed that she could not stretch her right arm across her body. Soon afterwards she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and later with multiple disabilities.

Mary Kate started therapeutic horseback riding when she was 3. During these hippo therapy sessions, Mary Kate was encouraged to feel the horse�s movement. Shortly after starting therapy, she began to walk. She now rides with the Sussex County Special Olympic Team �WHOA� and has won many gold medals in competitions at State Special Olympic Events. Her disability did not stop her from studying graphic arts at Sussex County Technical School in Sparta and she graduated from Sparta High School in 2004.

Presently Mary Kate is doing clerical work in Newton Hospital as a volunteer. She is involved in many recreational activities, participates in a reading club, takes cooking lessons and is learning sign language. In her free time Mary Kate enjoys doing crafts, drawing, and working on her computer. She is very happy to be living at Katie�s House: living her life, her way.

Katie�s House Elevator Project:

Many people with disabilities have difficulty with stairs. Sometimes, even if they can manage steps when they are young, the aging process that affects all of us has a more profound impact on them making life increasingly difficult. What�s the answer? Well� the answer is an elevator! Katie�s House is planning to install an elevator in our Newton home.

Projected Elevator Budget
Elevator (described above) $30,000
Enclosure & Foundation
outside house for elevator
(labor only)
Building Materials $5,000
Permits $100
Total: $55,100

We are budgeting a total of $55,100 for this project� that amount will cover the total cost of installing an Easy Rider Cable Drum Home Elevator system.

Can you help us with this important project?

Katie�s House Plans for New Activity Center!

Services and Activities Provided

Sign Language Workshops: Did you know that many adults with disabilities have no way to communicate with others because no one thought to include sign language in their school curriculum? Most of these adults have very little spelling or writing skills. Now as adults they are locked in a world with no way to have their voice heard. Katie�s House believes signing should have been provided while in school but it is never too late to learn. This workshop is provided free of charge to adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

Music Lessons: A simple way to provide therapy for the fingers, hands and mind and something to enjoy.

Art Classes: Just for fun and also therapy.

Dance Lessons �Dance As If No One Was Watching� is our motto. Just come and enjoy.

Socials: Play games, dance and maybe even sing. Be with friends.

Craft Workshop: Learn to make gifts for your family and friends. Maybe even sell some.

Work: Stuff envelopes for local businesses and make new friends.

Charity Events:
      People with Disabilities Assisting Local Families and Children:

  • Collect New Toys for pediatric Oncology patients battling cancer and its side effects.
  • Collect New and Gently Used Clothes for needy families.
  • Collect Toiletries and Food for needy families.

People With Disabilities Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others.
Just Give Us A Chance.