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Newsletter - Christmas 2007

Happy Holidays From Katie�s House To Your House

Hi... This is going to be a really great Holiday Season.

I have just turned 22 and I am enjoying a more independent way of life at home and in the community. I am now in my house, have my own room, TV, computer and friends. With Katie�s House giving me a place to call home and Real Life Choices providing some funding for a Personal Assistant during the day, it is possible for me to live independently of my parents. Isn�t that what all adults want?

My Personal Assistants take me everyplace I have to go and they stay with me to make sure that I am safe. This allows me the freedom to just be me and to make the choices that I can, just like you do. My days are busy.

I joined the YMCA where I take water aerobics, yoga, line dancing and exercise on the machines 3 days a week. The Y gave me free membership which includes my Personal Assistants when they are with me. This will keep me healthy and physically fit. Besides it is fun and I love to meet all the people at the Y. They treat me very good and everyone is friendly.

I have a volunteer job, 2-3 days a week, at a thrift store that is run by Newton Memorial Hospital. I feel I am doing something useful to raise money for the hospital. I fold clothes, put prices on items and stack the shelves. Everyone is nice to me and I like to be there to help. I feel involved in the community when I am doing this. Without Katie�s House and Real Life Choices I would still have to depend on my Mom to take me everyplace. With my companions I have the freedom to build my own schedule and build my own life�My Life, My Way.

Thank you to all of you who support Katie�s House. You made it possible for this to happen. Please have a happy and a safe holiday�.

Love to all my Friends,

2nd Annual �Battle of The Chefs �

Tracey and Andre from Andre�s Restaurant located in Newton, NJ organized the �Battle of the Chefs� event to benefit Katie�s House.

Thirteen Chefs from the Area�s leading Restaurants competed in a competition that was attended by over 100 guests. Everyone enjoyed all the different food that these talented chefs prepared and had a great time. Chef Franco Barttoli from the Colombia Inn, located in Montville was the winner and was awarded the �Best of the Best� award, the real winner of course was Katie�s House. Thanks to all!!!!

Holiday Greetings From Katie�s House Executive Director

Dear Friends of Katie�s House,

As 2007 draws to a close I thought it might be worthwhile to recap what we have managed to accomplish in this busy year as well as to layout what activities and challenges we see ahead for 2008.

Our focus this year was aimed at making Katie�s House complete and ready to receive its young adult residents. Our volunteers have finished the construction of an office at Katie�s House, now making it possible to keep all the records organized in one place. We purchased a washer and dryer making it possible for house members to do laundry with the help of their Personal Assistants, a large screen TV for the living room plus smaller TVs for the bedrooms and finally we completed landscaping in backyard. Our second area of emphasis and one which consumed much of my own personal time was reaching out to families with adult children with disabilities who were in need of respite care which was provided free to families. That effort helped to identify our second, permanent young resident for Katie�s House.

Now we begin to focus on long term goals in 2008. This includes a future work program and activities that will provide individuals with disabilities a social life just like everyone else. Let�s not forget the ongoing expenses such as Mortgage, Insurance, Utilities, Transportation and Nighttime Caretaker not covered by RLC.

We look forward to your continued support and wish you and your family a happy holiday and a prosperous and healthy 2008.

Very Best Wishes,

Evelyn Dudziec
Executive Director, Katie�s House