Katie's House

A Home Built on Love

For Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Center for Advancement

The Activity Center

This program is designed to enhance learning and motor skills. Classes and Social Events are provided to Katie's House residents and to other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the surrounding communities.

Sign Language Workshops

Did you know that many adults with disabilities have no way to communicate with others because no one thought to include sign language in their school curriculum? Many of these adults have very little spelling or writing skills and are locked in a world with no way to have their voice heard.

Katie’s House believes signing should have been provided while in school but it is never too late to learn. This class is provided free to caregivers and scholarships are given to adults with disabilities when they do not have funding to pay for the course.

Sign Language provides alternative communication skills.

Dance Habilitation

Dancing is a great way to provide habilitation and exercise while enjoying others in a social environment. "Dance As If No One Was Watching.”

Cooking Class

Basic cooking and proper food handling is something everyone should know. Our classes encourage a healthy diet and working along with others preparing food.

Wednesday night Summer Social

A time to enjoy friends, watch TV and maybe dance to some music. Nothing planned, just having fun in a supervised setting.

Join us!

If you'd like to join, please  EMAIL  us for more information.


The Friendship Group & Circle of Friends

These programs provide a structured social environment for adults with developmental disabilities, enabling them to make friends and to better interact socially with their peers.


Family Mentoring and Consulting:

Provides workshops for families interested in starting a residential home for their adult child and advice on funding and Entitlement Programs.

Now available:

Tomorrow’s Path
A guide for managing the future of a loved
one with developmental disabilities.

Written by Evelyn Dudziec


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