Katie's House

A Home Built on Love

For Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

P.O. BOX 96 Newton, NJ 07860     Phone:973-383-3221     Email: Evelyn@KatiesHouse.org


About Katie’s House

Residential Program
Katie’s Place & Richard’s Place

Our homes are more than just physical living space. They are true homes and safe havens for some remarkable adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Katie was the inspiration for the organization and lives in one of the homes.

Katie’s Place a home for women and Richard’s Place a home for men. Both homes are parent driven and supported by Katie’s House.

Our goal is to allow as much independence and freedom as possible while still providing fulltime oversight.

Residents at both houses are invited, but not required to help with meal preparation, grocery shopping and simple house cleaning.

Life at Katie’s Place and Richard’s Place is active and full for the residents. We have 24/7 staff paid by funding from the Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Personal Preference Program. All staff at both houses is hired by parents, guardians or family members. We believe the parents should always have a say in who cares for their child and when they are gone they will have chosen someone to take their place in decision making. Parents also decide meal menus, house rules and activities they want for their son or daughter.

House members spend time volunteering in the community, attending the nearby County College in life skill classes, socializing with peers on Friday evenings with The Friendship Group and Circle of Friends run by Katie’s House and trying to be involved in the community as much as possible.

These programs do more than just fill time. We strive continuously to improve their ability to live life to the fullest. We want our young adults to experience life, rather than spend most of it in a sheltered environment.

House Members Motto: “My Life, My Way.”

Katie's Place

3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dinning Room and Kitchen

Richard’s Place

3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen and Recreation Room